Frequently Asked Questions

What is Eroshare? is a hosting platform that provides a safe and easy way to upload, store and share all your wild & erotic photos & videos. You control who you share your stuff with.

Do you offer anonymous uploading?

Yes, we offer anonymous uploading so you can upload photos & videos without creating an account.

I uploaded anonymously. How do I edit my album?

If you’re on the same device, you’ll have edit access permissions on the albums page. If not, we recommend saving the “Secret Edit Link” which can be retrieved from the album settings cog after uploading.

How much space do I have?

There is no space limit but we do have a cap of 1GB per file and 100 items per album.

How long can uploaded videos be?

Registered users' videos are trimmed to the first 30 minutes. Anonymously uploaded videos are trimmed to the first 15 minutes.

What can I upload?

Photo and videos. We accept most file formats.

What video resolution and bitrate is required in order to bypass video conversion?

The video may have a maximum resolution of 960x540, a max bitrate of 1300kb/s and must use the video codec 264 (baseline or mainline). Also it may not be rotated. If you enabled watermarking your video will be converted. Metadata will still be removed.

What about my privacy?

We love privacy as much as you and only collect the data we need for you to login. Heck, you don’t even need to enter an email address to sign up! In addition, we remove the metadata from uploaded files which could expose location or device information.

What does the anonymous setting do?

When you set your account to anonymous in settings, your avatar and username will no longer appear on albums, and your profile page will be hidden. Just another way we strive to keep your identity and stuff private.

Can I hide my profile page?

Yes, you can hide your profile page by making your account anonymous in the settings page.

Are my files secure?

Yep, of course! Your files are stored on secure servers. We also have privacy settings to keep all your stuff private.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be at least 18 years old in order to access Eroshare.

What is a watermark?

In your settings you can set text that gets drawn in the corner of the photos & videos you upload. A watermark can not be enabled, disabled or changed in retrospect.

Is hotlinking allowed?

You can link directly to your photos when posting on However, please don't use Eroshare as a CDN service.

What are saved albums?

Similar to bookmarking, you can save a public album for future viewing by clicking the “Save Album” button.

Can I delete my content?

You can delete single photos, videos or entire albums at any time. We'll instantly remove all files from our servers.

How do I delete my account?

We hate to see you go but if you must there is a setting to do so at any time. Deleting your account is permanent.

Does Eroshare have an API?

Of course! Get started with the API documentation.

How do I report abuse?

Please email:

Have questions or suggestions?

Go ahead and send us an email.